"Like most, I have participated in many conversations where we solved the world’s problems, but after downing that last cup of coffee, we leave, and nothing is done.  It is easy to feel powerless when you are alone, but like the system of individual States joining together adding strength in numbers, Chambers of Commerce were created to form an organization to bring individuals together so something can actually be accomplished.
Chambers of Commerce in America were born from the needs of the Great Depression.  Citizens joined with Business Leaders to improve the economic conditions for their community.  They didn’t look for a hand out; they worked to create the ability to improve their economic futures.  While many think that improving economic conditions are limited to promotional events for businesses, it is much more than that.  Chambers also work to create the conditions which allow for economic growth.  Therefore, the work is not limited to economic development, but they also work in the areas of organizational development and community development.
I have joined the Council Chamber of Commerce to affect change; to help make it a positive force for my community, and therefore to help create the conditions that will allow my business to prosper.  Change IS the only constant in life, and I WILL not allow it to be a detriment to myself, my family, and my community.
The Council Chamber of Commerce is working for me.  It allows me to add my voice, and provides a conduit for me to work towards creating the conditions for my business to prosper. "     - Jim Mahon