Where can I get a map of Council?

Local residents may obtain Council maps in the Council Chamber office at 108 Illinois Avenue, all others may request one map mailed to their out-of-town address. 

Where is the Council Chamber office located?

The Chamber of Commerce Office is located in the Visitor Center, 108 Illinois Avenue, Council, ID 83612.

What is the population of Council?

The 2013 estimated population of Council is 805.

What is the sales tax in Council?

The total sales tax is 6%. There is no county or city sales tax.

I need to find a business that does…

We suggest that everyone should shop Council Chamber members first! The Council Chamber of Commerce Online Membership Directory lists a variety of businesses that support the community through chamber membership.

Who are my local elected officials?

Contact the City of Council at 208.253.4201 or cityclerk@ctcweb.net.